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This one goes out to my two bestest friends in the whole world! Ripper and this big Wumpa guy! Originally posted by mapleleafstrash. Note: whatta creative title for my actual dad that i love so much. Keep reading.
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Or browse results titled :. Streaming and Download help. Strummer's foundation provides opportunities to aspiring musicians while working to prevent poverty. Tender-hearted but tough-minded folk-pop from this emerging Toronto multi-instrumentalist. Post-punk in the Sonic Youth mold—melody covered by creeping fuzz, anchored by architectural rhythms, with lyrics both abstract and direct. XOskeleton by Jasper Lotti.
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Chorus: Lay your guns down You don't want to see me clown One shot to your dome Two shots, now you're gone 2x. Verse 2: [Sho] Niggas I'm smooth But watch me move on this groove About niggas getting they ass misused I'm a soldier, I don't start trouble see But somehow man the shit just find me Now take a nigga talking shit Better yet he talking shit to me Trying to impress one of his homies A front for a bitch that I done already fucked And to this day I can still get my dick sucked Mix that together with a hot ass club And that's a little dish called a nigga getting his ass drugged But my hands ain't enough I gotta schedule you a wait Give you two to the head for old times' sake So don't fuck with me and don't fuck with this clique Unless you ready to lay in front of a pulpit With your mama crying listening to some verses being read For you trying to catch lead with your head Did you hear what I said? I want to see some red, pronounce your punk ass dead Now you can beg, give me your dope and your bitch Suck my dick but it still won't change shit Because I hate motherfuckers who talk trash So don't let your mouth overload your ass But some still gonna flex And I'm a swing and connect And it's gonna feel like a train wreck I'm putting in work Fucking with Sho you'll be the quietest nigga in the church And if a bitch is in my mix then a nigga gotta hurt her Bitches die too my recipe for a murder. Verse 3: [Willie D] Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge I'm trying not to lose my head, but dig this One nigga got got in the parking lot Cause his punk ass ran me hot Talking about he coming back With his boys and his gat But he ain't never coming back See when a motherfucker threaten Willie D I gotta fuck him off before he fuck off me The trigger finger ain't never nervous So unless you're sucking my dick, save the lip service I know a gang of motherfuckers who done passed For letting that mouth overload that ass It's a wreath from the goddamn forest Check out the motherfucking chorus.
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A donation was made in memory of Willie Nelson on Jan 14, Willie Nelson was born on my birthday 11 years ago and from the moment that I saw him, I knew we were meant for each other. I reluctantly reserved one of his brothers.
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