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The osmotic and permeability parameters of a cell membrane are essential physico-chemical properties of a cell and particularly important with respect to cell volume changes and the regulation thereof. Here, we report the hydraulic conductivity, L p , the non-osmotic volume, V b , and the Arrhenius activation energy, E a , of mammalian COS-7 cells. The ratio of V b to the isotonic cell volume, V c iso , was 0. L p estimates for all six combinations of osmolality and temperature were calculated, resulting in values of 0. The unexpected finding of several fold higher L p values for endosmotic flow indicates highly asymmetric membrane permeability for water in COS This phenomenon is known as rectification and has mainly been reported for plant cell, but only rarely for animal cells.
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Diffusion of sucrose, sodium, and water in ventricular myocardium

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Diffusion of sucrose, sodium, and water in ventricular myocardium

The sucrose diffusion channel contained 0. The cumulative flux data for water were monotonic and lacked secondary inflections. Fundamental to the analysis of capillary-tissue exchanges is a knowledge of tissue transfer rates by diffusion outside the capillaries 2 , The purpose of this work was to determine the apparent tissue diffusion coefficients for sucrose, sodium, and water at body temperature in the cat myocardium. The studies were made in a diffusion cell 32 on a sheet of cat myocardium by a method modified from that described by Page and Bernstein From the excised hearts of cats 1. Three to five minutes were taken for excision and filling of the chambers with oxygenated bathing solution.
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Osmoregulatory Function of Large Vacuoles Found in Notochordal Cells of the Intervertebral Disc

The Journal of Membrane Biology. A photomicroscopic method has been use to determine the kinetics of water loss at various constant temperatures from fertilized and unfertilized mouse ova. Ova were transferred into hypertonic saline solutions, photographed, and their volumes calculated from their cross-sectional areas as a function of time after transfer. Curves describing the observed water loss have been compared to those calculated using a programmed version of the classical water permeability equation. The hydraulic conductivity, L p , was determined by changing its value in the calculation until the majority of the observed cell volumes fell on or very close to the calculated curve of volume vs.
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While the vacuoles have been qualitatively described, their composition and function has remained elusive. Given that these cells are believed to generate and experience significant osmotic pressures in both the notochord and intervertebral disc, we hypothesized that the vacuoles may serve as osmoregulatory organelles. Using both experimental and theoretical means, we demonstrated that the vacuoles contain a low-osmolality solution, generated via ion pumps on the vacuolar membrane. During hypotonic stress the vacuoles release their contents into the cytoplasm, diluting the cytoplasm and restoring the osmotic balance across the cell membrane.
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